Fashion inspiration: Christian Louboutin’s “Mexibeads” & Beaded skulls by Huichol people of Mexico.

Beaded skulls impact with very strong impression of sophisticated exquisiteness, complex craftsmanship and quite controversial object of art presented by LN-CC.. The cascade of colors, patterns and techniques with painstaking accuracy flabbergast with elaborate artisanship of Huichol people of Mexico – the tribe with strong beliefs in powers of the nature through Sun God, spirits of the ancestors, and the four principle deities in the forms of Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle. Settled in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico, the Huichol people hold the tradition of beaded art for centuries.
Monsieur Christian Louboutin visibly inspired by the rich folklore of Mexican culture designed his renowned red sole high heels with reminiscent technique of colorful beads.  The decorative pumps entitled “Mexibeads” will definitely flavor every stylish look especially during holidays and carnival.

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