Cara Delevingne by Solve Sundsbo in Vogue China December 2011

Vogue China December 2011

Photography: Solve Sundsbo

Model: Cara Delevingne
Dreamy atmosphere of the misty site, breathtaking hues of the sky, lightweight, almost transparent designs and the model as the fallen angel captivated in the skies.  Somewhere in the clouds there is a hidden world of a fairy tale. The place saturated with ethereality where beautiful nymphs amaze with beauty as delicate as the mist. I was always amazed by the constantly changing shape of clouds, their structure and types depending from the weather. If I would like to portray the dreamy world behind the clouds this editorial would be a perfect example to set. Captured by spirited photographer Solve Sundsbo the pictures outline the mystical aura of the beyond with canny styling of lush furs, intricate constructions, lace and transparent masterpieces.


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