Alba Prat „Digitalized Collection”

Talented designer Alba Prat is a careful observer of life fulfilling her passions in creative hobbies. Despite the fact that she is a graduate of Environmental Science having worked previously as an environmental worker in Barcelona, she pursued her inspirations into fashion design. After moving to Berlin she started a new life aimed at design influenced by technology and architecture. She became a fashion design student of University of Arts in Berlin. Her signature design is based on experimenting with textures, fabrics and surfaces, implementing compositions of colours and different structure. The latest release under interesting title “Digitalized Collection” depicts all fascinations concerning relationship between high-tech expertise and retro touch. The collection is highly influenced by “ Tron “, a cult movie from 1982. Inspired by the idea of two parallel cosmoses: the real world and virtual creation, Alba created apparels that reflect both worlds. The pixel nature of the cubic patterns and neoprene fabric express very technological yet minimalist effect. Together with androgynous, sculpture- like silhouettes, the real side of the collection is created by fabrics from wool, leather, lack and cotton.

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Photographer: Jonas Lindström
Hair & Make up: Tatjana Kühr

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