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Fashion Inspiration – Recycled Wood by Stephanie Nieumwenhuys’ “Biomimicry” collection

Clothing design that has eco friendly touch and fashion aesthetics can be challenging to find. However when common observer can see typical objects, artists like Stephanie Nieumwenhuys, activate their creativity into amazing solutions. Stephanie is a fashion master’s student of London’s Kingston University who designed a captivating collection “Biomimicry”. Based on the concept of sustainable and durable process, Stephanie designed corsets, floor sweeping gowns, bottoms and accessories made of quite unconventional textile – diamond-shaped wooden cuts that used to be a recycled material.  The designed constructions bear a striking resemblance to the reptilian scales implemented onto the fabrics. The project was based on the secondhand snakeskin bag owned by Stephanie. The composition has innovative touch known from modern laser cutting procedures commonly used by Dutch designer Iris van Herpen. Stephanie explains: “I believe in using what you have available and letting nothing got to waste”.

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