Playing with fire – Rooney Mara by Mert & Marcus for Vogue US November 2011

Vogue US November 2011
Editorial: Playing with fire
Rooney Mara by Mert and Marcus
Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman
Make up artist: Path McGrath
Playing with fire editorial featured in Vogue US, as well as the cover itself with the It Girl Rooney Mara remains not one but two intriguing stories behind. The first story is based on risk – from the ‘dangerous’ subject of book adaptation Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, to complete trust in newcomer Rooney Mara and her astonishing transformation for the movie. Mara as an actress was prepared for the possible metamorphoses for the film parts. However this time she had to make very conscious and brave decision – from the mild look of nice girl next door she jumps into the adverse pole – harsh rockabilly image of Lisbeth Salander with bleached eyebrows, tattooed body accessorized with piercing. That goes along with complete change of dress code. The transformative devotion both psychically and emotionally in a life time part may cost very high price – even a possibility of an Oscar, or different ways of perceiving yourself. That self – awareness links to the second story – Rooney Mara’s image after the movie. Her personal growth leads her to search for her own unique identity and figure out who she is and what she wants in life. That means real playing with fire.

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