Fashion inspiration: Chiaroscuro in Marios Schwab spring 2012

For spring 2012 Marios Schwab, the adherent of strong and powerful feminity, managed to introduce the contrasting division of women – independent on the outside yet accentuted with softness and intellect at the roots. As he explins of the collection:
“I have been thinking about this really strong woman (…). I want to translate that in a way that is all about an independent exterior but at the same time kind of soft and still very feminine. Ultimately the woman that I like is an intellectual, that is my character and the person I am looking to dress. Someone that believes in fashion and in pure design.”
Schwab wants to emphesize the necessity of pure design, that is why he puts an effort on ex perimental transformation of classic silhouettes. The distinctive phenomenon of the collection forms optical illusions, paying an intimate tribute to body as the surface of the ensemble.
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