Subtle geometry by Agnieszka Maciejak – Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland

Agnieszka Maciejak is a Polish fashion designer with distinctive graphic style that brings strong fashion statement. As the graduate of graphic design, Maciejak transforms her artistic fascinations of forms and mathematical simplicity in the fashion world. Her sophisticated style is designated for individualists that combine strong femininity with modern elegance.

Her latest collection presented in FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is the continuity over Maciejak’s inspirations for pure fashion mathematics. Splendid geometrical leggings, contrasting colours and composition of hard and soft fabrics, ultra short dresses portray the vision of self esteemed, experimental yet chic and elegant woman. The designer usually takes delights in black shades but in this collection she approaches a new step by implementation of pure white colour. The effect gives a fresh impression of purity and contrast combination. As the designer explains she decided to use white as an interesting background, contradiction for other colours and the symbol of innocence.

Images VIA Kimono Exclusive

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