Levitation – Jessica Stam by Solve Sundsbo

Numero Magazine #77
Editorial: Levitation
Photographer: Solve Sundsbo
Model: Jessica Stam

This futuristic editorial transfers the attention to some mystical place of dreams that proverbial souls could transmigrate in the end. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s one of the most effective work of Solve Sundsbo and his muse Jessica Stam.
The editorial works like a jigsaw puzzle game or even like Rubik’s cube. There is an impression of juggling among saurated colours or shifting the code of picures with hues schemes. Like some peculiar story or surrealistic dream that still remains a riddle.
The key role plays the model, Jessica Stam becoming the epicentre of this peculiar universe. She is one of those talented models – chameleons who perfectly adjust versatility to the situation and mood of the editorial. This time she is a futuristic mermaid, sci -fi vampire or technicoloured creature taking journey to the higher dimesion.

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