Amaya Arzuaga’s Geometric Curiosities

Amaya Arzuaga is a Spanish designer known for her urban creations with a predilection for wearable geometry. The same follows with her latest collection hallmarking the discreet contrasts of fashion mathematics in the aspect of colours, curves and surfaces. The parallel connection of architectural feminine and elegance is the specialty of Amaya Arzuaga’s collection for A/W 2011/12 season exhibited in Paris Fashion Week. The inspirations taken from wavy pleated figures, butterfly volumes, elliptical profiles and exoskeleton shapes amaze with the futuristic touch and practicality. The palette of the collection is saturated with stone, bloody red, turquoise, orange and grey colours accompanied with black or showcased solo.
Numerous outfits are structurally oriented with emphasized shoulders or hips. Especially inspiring are linear pieces defining the silhouettes, column dresses or outfits resembling delicate structure of Arthropod shell.  The selection of merino wool, felt, silk, knit, stretch leather and transparent jersey composes the new definition of chic look.

Here is also the link to my article on Fashionising.
Images: courtesy of the designer

Osseous structures, exoskeleton shapes:

Ovoid and Elliptical profiles :

Wavy Pleaed figures

Linear Pieces

Collumn dresses:

Butterfly volumes

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