Big Porcelain Sculpture by Bertrand Fevre

In my opinion the creativity and uniqueness are born when simple, everyday objects like in this case porcelain cup, can be transformed into the piece of art…The sculptural creations by the designer Bertrand Fevre are very exceptional and strongly link to the perception in both ways – literally and figuratively.

The slices generate a graphic array in volume that in turn gives
rise to a sort of visual vibration. Two views of the object
are possible: from one side it is a cup, from the other, a void.

The object has a double appearance (cup and void). As with Magritte, it instantiates an opposition between a function and a concrete reality. ‘Empty’ is as important as ‘full’. It evokes applied skills, and the porcelain heritage of Limoges – the invisible, the ineffable, the immaterial.”

Bertrand Fèvre

 Because of the innovative concept consising of double apperance the designs won the first prize in the 2010 LIMOGES International Competition. It is truly an art on the table.

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