Mary Katrantzou by Erik Madigan Heck

Saturated hues and the chameleon reflection harmonising with the patterns captivated in fashion design by Mary Katrantzou and the regal interiors are the main themes captured in the lens of photographer Erik Madigan Heck for Nomenus Quarterly . Mary Katrantzou who is recognisable for her outstanding prints and pattern signature, for the F/W 11/12 collection she oulined vision  the woman as a connoisseur, surrounded by objects of beauty like Fabergé eggs, Meissen porcelain, cloisonné enamel, and Ming vases.

The images are highly inspired by the paintings of the 19th century French painters Pierre Bonnard and Edouard Vuillard highlighting the thin frontier of fashion and art. Heck describes his work by saying:  “It signifies a different direction in my own work, where I am trying to flatten the space between photography and illustration, by eliminating photographic elements and painting on different surfaces and colors in post-production, attempting to move closer towards painting itself, in process and form.”

Production Credits

Photographs by Erik Madigan Heck
Styling by Heidi Bivens at The Wall Group
Set design by Shaun Kato Samuel
Hair by Weasley O’Meara at The Wall Group
Make-Up by Deanna Melluso at Artlist
Model Janice at Ford
Photo assistant Shay Harrington
Clothing: Mary Katrantzou
Additional Jewelry by Candace Ang.
Post Production work by Versatile Studios


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